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Small Black Morel Bowl

Small Black Morel Bowl

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These bowls are small soup/cereal style. Hand thrown in a batch of 6 and individually hand carved finished with clear glaze. 


Morel design is inspired by morel mushrooms. Each piece is wheel thrown and then hand carved uniquely. Combined with a curved form, I am exploring this carving technique to both show of the nature of the clay while also celebrating unique glaze combinations. Conceptually, the idea of fungi embodies what I enjoy about making and selling pottery. Each new home, like, share or view is a type of unspoken connection between artist and audience.


This clay fires to a dark brown/black with its high manganese and iron content.

Each Item is carefully wrapped for maximum protection from the rigors of shipping. Even if you chose the drop off/meet up option you can expect the same level of care. This studio values protecting the planet through upcycling/recycling, this could include packing and shipping materials

At the moment US and Canada shipping available. Please allow 2-3 days for processing and use shipping calculator or follow tracking for exact delivery details. If you are selecting multiple items, you can either message me or proceed to check out for a later shipping refund. Depending on the items I may be able to consolidate and save on shipping which would be refunded to the buyer. If shipping over charges the buyer, there will be a refund issued.

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